Increase your winery’s direct sales

Wine Suite is the CRM and Marketing software designed for wineries. A single platform to simply manage: wine tourism, winery and online sales, data collection and segmentation, communications and digital marketing.

Save time

Save hundreds of man-hours per year by managing all your sales channels and streamlining booking and payment for winery experiences.

Get to know your customers

Automate customer data collection in compliance with GDPR within a single CRM platform designed around your winery’s needs.

Increase profits

Engage your end customers and build their loyalty through targeted communications, thereby increasing direct wine sales and your winery’s profits.

More than 300 wineries have already chosen Wine Suite.

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What is Wine Suite?

Wine Suite is the CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and Digital Marketing software developed by technology company Divinea, specifically for wineries. The winery, through a single platform, can finally manage: wine tourism activities, online and physical sales channels, customer data collection according to GDPR regulations, and targeted communication and marketing activities. Not only that, with Wine Suite you will have access to a digital training program and a team of experts in digital, web site, eCommerce and Wine Club.
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Wine Tourism

Looking for a solution to grow your winery’s wine tourism activities? Create and promote winery experiences and tours entirely independently, simply manage all your booking channels through a single integrated calendar, receive direct payments online and at the winery, promote your experiences through your website and on external marketplaces and applications, and, finally, automate communications with your visitors.

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CRM for Wineries

How to engage and retain your winery customers? Knowing contact information, purchase history, and communication records, as well as customers’ habits, preferences, and tastes, allows us to create personalized communications to encourage repeat purchases. With Wine Suite’s CRM, automate the collection of all customer and visitor information at your winery through digital and manual tools. All customer information is accessible in a single contact card and is managed in full compliance with GDPR and privacy regulations.
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Marketing for Wineries

How do I promote my winery’s wines and wine tourism experiences? With Wine Suite’s Marketing module, you can transform an occasional customer into a loyal wine consumer.

Through personalized email marketing campaigns and automated engagement paths, enhance communication with your winery customers and visitors, leveraging the full potential of the data collected in your Wine Suite CRM. Analyze the performance of your marketing campaigns and discover the value of sales generated by each communication.

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Do you want to increase wine sales to end consumers and boost your winery’s profits? With Wine Suite’s Sales module, manage all your winemaking company’s sales channels in a single platform. From online purchases, through your wine eCommerce or external eCommerce platforms, to in-person sales at the winery. Make your products increasingly accessible and streamline sales activities. Discover all the promotion channels and integrations that Wine Suite offers.

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The most popular


Digitize the entire customer relationship and help increase sales with private individuals. Designed for wineries with up to 10,000 contacts.

Trial 45 days

Setup & Training £499 + VAT

Annual license: £2,999 + VAT

Wine Tourism

Digital Calendar,

Availability Management,

Account Managment

CRM for winery

Customer and visitor data collection,

Consent management and GDPR,

Automatic contact segmentation

Marketing for winery

Email marketing campaigns,

Automated engagement paths,

Performance reporting


Digital Point of Sales,

Integration with sales channels,

Promotion associated channels


For large wineries looking for a scalable and flexible tool to meet their specific technology needs.

Price on demand

Setup on request

PRO Package +

Wine Tourism, CRM, Sales and Marketing


Unlimited cloud platform,

Reserved account manager,

Custom dashboards

They say about us

Pfitscher Daniel - Wine Suite

“Thanks to the Wine Club connected to Wine Suite, I can manage the relationship with my customers and retain them with customized content and offers”

Daniel Pfittscher


Carpineti Isabella - Wine Suite

“Wine Suite allows me and my staff to manage multiple bookings at once thanks to a digital calendar specifically designed for wineries.”

Isabella Carpineti


Prime Alture - Wine Suite

“Through the Wine Suite CRM, when a customer calls us, we immediately have the ability to identify and profile them. In addition, we can very easily interact with customers through personalized messages.”

Roberto Lechiancole



The data is exclusively owned by the winery, and Divinea is the external data processor.

The only data shared with Divinea is that of customers who purchase experiences from

The connection is established during the software installation by Divinea's technical team, with potential assistance from the website developers.

In this case, all information coming from the winery's online channels is automatically recorded within Wine Suite.

Yes, within the calendar section, there is a 'Add Booking' feature that allows you to input reservations received via email or phone.

In the latter case, in addition to keeping the schedule updated, the person's data will also be automatically recorded in the CRM, associating it with the booked experience.

Yes, during the setup of the software, all customer data that the winery possesses will be uploaded using an Excel file, ensuring that no information is lost.

Yes, within Wine Suite's CRM, there is a clear distinction between private customers (individuals) and business customers (legal entities).

Just like with private customers, it is also possible to implement segmentation and set up automated email workflows to manage communication effectively for restaurants, wine shops, agents, etc.

To use Wine Suite on your computer, there is no need to download any applications.

The software is entirely in the Cloud, and you can access it with a standard web browser (Chrome, Firefox, etc.).

Being in the Cloud, updates are automatic, and as such, no specific maintenance is required.

Yes, there is a Wine Suite app available that can be installed on your smartphone (Android and iOS).

It's an app created with a technology that ensures it doesn't take up phone memory space. Through the app, you can always have Wine Suite's features at your fingertips.

The widget is customizable to match the visual style of the website where it's integrated, with the option to choose colors for graphical elements, font types, and appropriate content. The list of offered experiences can be displayed:

  • in 'card' mode through a display of rectangular cards arranged in three columns.
  • in 'list' mode with rectangular cards arranged one below the other.
Wine Suite - Chi siamo Divinea

About Us.


Wine Suite is designed and developed by Divinea.

We are an italian technology company born in 2019, specialized in digital products and services for the wine sector. Our goal is to accompany wineries through the digitalization process to increase the sales channel and direct relationship with the final consumer.
Our strength comes from our people, a team of professionals with knowledge of the wine sector and expertise in digital technologies, data analysis and process automation.

Today, the platform is used by over 300 winemaking companies.

Divinea is backed by top-tier investors, including some of Italy’s leading wine groups.

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