With the Marketing module of Wine Suite winery software, you can create personalized engagement paths and communications to your contacts, turning casual customers into loyal consumers of your products.

Wine Suite Solution - Marketing

Wine Suite – Marketing

The direct sales channel and contact with the end consumer are increasingly important for Italian wine companies. On the other hand, wine consumers increasingly want to relate directly with their favorite wine brands. In this market logic, supply and demand meet naturally. What are wineries lacking to extract maximum value? The right technology to communicate in a personalized way, engage their consumers and ensure the best Customer Experience. Wine Suite enables you to plan and automate effective email campaigns, communicate in a personalized way with all your customers, and monitor the outcome of marketing initiatives.

Email Marketing Campaigns.

Create effective email marketing campaigns and communicate quickly with all your customers to share initiatives, invite them to winery events, promote new wine vintages or specific promotions. The Marketing module of Wine Suite winery software allows you to:

  • Easily create emails with coordinated graphics that reflect your brand
  • Send communications to segmented audiences
  • Monitor the engagement of your communications
  • Measure the ROI of your marketing campaigns
Wine Suite Marketing Email
Wine Suite Marketing Automation

Marketing Automation

With Wine Suite’s marketing automation engine, you don’t have to limit yourself in communication activities due to lack of time, resources or expertise. With Wine Suite you can set up simple rules that allow you to make segmentation and emailing activities to your contacts automatic when certain conditions occur. Here are some examples of pre-configured Marketing Automation:

  • Welcome email
  • Sign up for newsletter
  • First purchase
  • Last purchase
  • Happy Birthday

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