Increase direct wine sales to end consumers with the Sales module of Wine Suite winery software. Simplify the management of all your sales channels using one platform.

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Wine Suite – Sales

With the evolution of the wine market, the direct-to-consumer sales channel has become crucial for Italian wineries. Selling a portion of wine production directly to the private individual allows wineries to greatly increase winery profits and finally get in touch with those who actually taste the wine. The difficulty lies in being able to independently manage the relationship with the end customer. With Wine Suite you can easily integrate all direct sales channels and simplify their management.

Manage all your winery’s direct-to-consumer sales channels through a single platform. Wine Suite allows you to simplify, streamline and automate your sales processes, integrating both Online sales and purchases in the winery. Know your customers inside out by tracking purchase history from:

  • Winery sales – physical shop
  • Sales at trade shows and events
  • Transactions on your winery’s eCommerce
  • Transactions on Tannico’s Wine Platform
  • Digital Price List and Self Order

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Increase DTC sales

Selling directly to the end consumer can boost your winery’s profits and promote your wine brand. With Wine Suite, the winery software for increasing sales, you turn visitors and casual buyers to your eCommerce into loyal customers. With Wine Suite’s CRM data collection, you can create personalized engagement paths and communications to incentivize recurring purchases. A loyal customer returns an average of 10 times the value of purchases over time compared to occasional customers.

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